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Rustic Shake

Cedar shakes and shingles have been used as roofing for hundreds of years. With our Rustic Shake product, you can enjoy the look and feel of natural cedar without the maintenance. With 3 standard colors, FireFree Plus Rustic Shake offers the look of new or aged cedar. In addition, our Rustic Shake can be installed with both a straight butt pattern for a more colonial or wood shingle look or in a staggered pattern, providing a more rustic or western appearance.

Natural cedar shakes and shingles need to be continually cleaned and treated every 3-7 years to avoid excess moss and fungus growth. They also will curl and crack over time and are subject to infestation from termites and other pests. FireFree Plus Rustic Shake is extremely resistant to moss and mildew and termites will not touch it! There is no required maintenance other than keeping loose dirt and debris off of your roof.

Quarry Slate

Natural Quarry Slate has been installed on roofs for hundreds of years. It is a timeless, elegant, and natural product. Unfortunately, real slate is also very expensive as well as heavy. FireFree Plus Quarry Slate offers the look and texture of real slate without the financial or structural burden.

With hand crafted molds, FireFree Plus Quarry Slate provides the most authentic simulated slate profiles on the market today. In addition, unlike many other manmade slates, we use up to 6 different pieces in our molds to insure a random and natural slate appearance.