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EagleLite Malibu

Malibu, with it’s mission tile reference, looks its best on homes that exhibit elements of Spanish, Mediterranean or Italian architecture.

EagleLite Capistrano

Capistrano works naturally with Spanish Colonial, Spanish Mission and Spanish Villa architectural styles. Italianate and Mediterranean homes also have a historic connection to the look of Capistrano.

EagleLite Ponderosa

Ponderosa is at home with many architectural styles, including Prairie, Craftsman and Bungalow. Monterey, California Ranch, American Farmhouse and Cottage styled homes are all historically referenced with a Ponderosa roof tile installation.

EagleLite Double Eagle

Double Eagle, with it’s custom wood shake appearance, rests naturally on the roofs of Monterey, California Ranch, American Farmhouse, Cottage, Prairie, Craftsman and Bungalow styled homes.

EagleLite Golden Eagle

The upgraded wood shake look created with Golden Eagle is naturally paired with many traditional architectural styles. Monterey, California Ranch, American Farmhouse and Cottage styled homes will all be enhanced with a Golden Eagle roof tile installation.

EagleLite Camino Real

The Camino Real Collection from Eagle Roofing Products allows you to enjoy the beauty of Southwestern styling with the durability and affordability of concrete. Echoing the architecture of the early Spanish missions, this Southwestern style of roof tile collection boasts two distinctly different looks. A smooth surface, and a textured brushed surface. The 3 brushed colors shown below are truly reminiscent of old world buildings. Our time tested techniques have allowed us to create an authentic, rustic appearance.

EagleLite American Heirloom

Timber Range:
The warmth and charm of a natural wood shake shingle is found in Timber Range. American Heirloom has taken the profile features of Timber Range directly from nature. The deeply grooved graining effect and rusticated edge detail at the butt end of Timber Range are reminiscent of natural wood shake. Timber Range is offered in color blends that have an underlying natural wood reference of warm tones. Striking variety is available from blend to blend. Sun kissed browns, rosy taupes and mossy greens are all part of the Timber Range color palette.

Seaboard Quarry:
Seaboard Quarry with its intrinsic slate characteristics, is naturally paired with the classic architectural styles of French Country, French Provincial, English Country, French Farmhouse and Victorian.

Old Southwest:
The classic high barrel profile of American Heirloom Old Southwest references the shape and feel of historic mission clay tiles. The sculptural elegance of Old Southwest makes it an ever popular choice. Architecture in the Western States chronicles a long history of Spanish influence. Old Southwest blends are the perfect choice for many of these styles including Spanish Colonial, Spanish Mission, Spanish Villa, Italianate and Mediterranean.