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Solatube Brighten Up Series

Brighten Up® Series 10″ (250mm) and 14″ (350mm) Solatubes

Need to light a small space, such as a bathroom, hallway, or walk-in closet? Choose our compact 10″ Solatube. Use the 14″ Solatube to bathe your large living areas in sunlight. It’s also perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, stairwells, home offices, and entryways.

The Solatube Advantage

  • Light Intercepting Transfer Device (LITD) increases the surface area available to intercept directional sunlight not in the direct path of the tube opening, then transfers the light down the tubing. The result is increased light input and increased light output.
  • Raybender Technology intercepts light that is in the direct path and redirects it down the tube at a steeper angle so less light is lost in transfer absorption.
  • Spectralight 2000 proprietary super-reflective tubing provides maximum light transfer.
  • Seamless Flashings are fabricated as a single, seamless piece to ensure leak proof performance.
  • Installation is quick and easy without structural reframing, mess, or hassle. New preassembled kits make installation even faster and easier.
  • Compact and adjustable tubing fits between roof rafters and around attic obstructions. Each Solatube kit features two standard angle adapters to allow placement virtually anywhere.
  • Energy-Efficient, sealed design works like a dual glazed window minimizing heat loss or gain between interior and outdoor environments

Solatube SolaMaster Series

For more expansive areas and higher light levels, choose a 21” Solatube. Our patented transition box converts the round tubing to a 24” (600mm x 600mm) square diffuser, allowing easy installation in suspended ceilings as well as hard ceiling applications.

Great for larger homes, tall entryways and stairways. Solatube also offers an Open Ceiling application for areas such as garages or warehouse style residential living areas.

Solatube SolaMaster Advantage

  • Compact, modular design. THe 21″ Solatube can be easily integrated into most buildings without structural modifications. Its adjustable tubing allows incomparable installation flexibility and easily reconfigures to accommodate future interior layout changes.
  • Light Intercepting Transfer Device (LITD). Solatube’s patented LITD increases daylight collection and harvesting for low sun angles, resulting in increased light output.
  • Spectralight 2000. Our proprietary super-reflective tubing ensures maximum light transfer.
  • Easy Installation. Each skylight can be typically installed in under an hour. Its small 22″ diameter penetration fits between normal structural system layouts. No framing. No mess. No hassle.
  • Exceptional energy savings. A single 21″ Solatube can produce light output equivalent to two standard 3-lamp fluorescent light fixtures. When equipped with our electric light control options, dramatic energy savings can be realized as the photocontrols switch the heat-producing, energy-consuming electric lights off during daytime hours.