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One-Piece S

The modern design of our one-piece S tile combines traditional two-piece mission tile into one, resulting in fewer pieces per roof and substantial cost savings.

The art of making clay tile has evolved from a time when ancient artisans formed wet clay over their thighs and then fired them in the glowing embers of a bonfire. Today, US Tile uses authentic natural clays and modern manufacturing techniques that produce tiles with stunning variations in color.

One-Piece S Tile Color Series
Standard Red Fire Flash
El Camino Blend Tuscany Blend
Newport Blend

De Anza Blend

Mallorca Bermuda Blend
Old World Blend Turino Blend
Palermo Blend Rustic Palermo Blend
Rustic Newport Blend Rustic Standard Red
Rustic Carmel Blend Rustic Madera Blend

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